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Use Cases

Market research

Online reviews provide insights into what people like and dislike about businesses. By analyzing keywords and their associated sentiments you can generate meaningful reports about the market.

Competitor monitoring

By monitoring your competitor reviews, you can gather stats about how well your business is doing against them. Find out which keywords are associated with a positive or negative rating.

Reputation management

Quickly react to negative reviews by setting up alerts to reduce the impact that they cause.

Easy setup

Wextractor's API is really simple to integrate. Query our API with the place id from Google Maps and get the reviews formatted in JSON.
              curl -i https://wextractor.com/api/v1/reviews?offset=0&id=ChIJN1t_tDeuEmsRUsoyG83frY4&auth_token=<your api token>



Extract more than 5 reviews from Google Maps

Avoid the restrictions of 5 reviews per Google place, with Wextractor you can get all of them.

Extract reviews from any business

You are not limited to extract your own reviews, you can extract the reviews for any business that appears in Google Maps.

No scraping needed

Getting data from Google is difficult. We take care of handling proxies and parsing the data so you can get the reviews in a simple to use API.


Our prices scale as you scale.


$30 / Month

  • 5,000 API requests
  • Extract 50,000 reviews in total
  • $6 per 1000 extra requests
  • Email support
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$100 / Month

  • 20,000 API requests
  • Extract 200,000 reviews in total
  • $5 per 1000 extra requests
  • Phone and email support
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$250 / Month

  • 60,000 API requests
  • Extract 600,000 reviews in total
  • $4 per 1000 extra requests
  • Phone and email support
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